How to Properly Maintain Your Pressure Washer

It is very important to maintain your pressure washer to ensure that it is always in its best working condition so that it will work at its optimum performance when you are using it. In addition to this, performing proper maintenance your unit will help to ensure that it lasts longer. In fact, there are only a few guidelines on how to maintain your unit to help keep it in top form.

Preventive maintenance is perhaps the most important thing you need to know when it comes to properly maintaining your unit. This is basically performing regular maintenance and replacing parts that need replacing so that damage to the unit is prevented from occurring earlier on. Among the regular maintenance would involve cleaning the unit and its accessories after each use. Although this is a bit tiresome at times, it is something that must be accomplished because it can save you troubles and unnecessary expense in the long run washer repair pasadena.

One of the accessories that must be cleaned after each use will be the pressure washer nozzle. If the nozzle gets clogged, the spray the nozzle is supposed to have will not be correct. This will not only prevent you from accomplishing your cleaning task more efficiently, but it will also prevent you from completing it more quickly.

The pressure washer gun is also another accessory you should check and clean after each use. Prior to pressure washing, make sure that all connections of the unit are well secured. If all connections are okay, try giving the trigger of the gun a few squeeze and release. If the trigger springs back to its original position, then the gun should be working just fine. However, if the trigger does not spring back when it is released, you should consider replacing it. In addition, if your gun is leaking, you should also consider replacing it as this leak could worsen and potentially cause serious injury.

Another thing that needs to be regularly checked and replaced if need be would be the condition of the O-rings. The O-rings are responsible for securing the connection of hoses, guns, wands, and nozzles to ensure that there are no leaks. However, if the O-ring is damaged, there is a high likelihood that there will be leaks. Should you encounter this and find a damaged O-ring, make sure to replace it immediately.

All pressure washers come with their own operation manual. It is important that you read this as it will contain specific maintenance instructions as suggested by the manufacturer of the unit.


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