Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Freezers in Good Working Condition

The refrigerator or freezer is by far the most important home appliance inside our home. We depend on our freezers to keep our food fresh and prevent them from spoiling. It is also undoubtedly the most used among all other appliances. For this reason, it is just imperative that we should take very good care of it. The following paragraph below discusses some of the most helpful tips that will help you keep your freezer running smoothly for as long as possible Refrigerator Repair Los Angeles.

The refrigerator or freezer might be the most important appliance in your kitchen. After all, it’s where you keep all of your food, and more importantly, it’s how you keep your food from spoiling. In order to keep your freezer running as efficiently as possible for as long as possible, you need to take good care of it. The following are useful tips that will help you maintain your freezer.

Make sure it’s level. If your freezer is not level, it can cause problems with properly shutting the door. Improper door closure can lead to wasted energy, which in turn can cause wear and tear on the freezer’s compressor. Many freezers have adjustable legs or wheels either under the front two corners or under all four. Use a standard slotted screwdriver to level the appliance.

Set the Correct Temperature. There is no exact temperature setting that is universally considered “the best”, but you do need to be careful about keeping the temperature within a certain range. If the freezer is too cold, you’ll not only be wasting energy, you’ll be making the freezer work harder, which means it won’t last as long. If the temperature is too warm, mold can begin to grow and your food will spoil. The temperature of your freezer should be no less than 34 degrees Fahrenheit and no more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Choose proper location. If you think that this is less important, well you are wrong. Proper location or placement of your dear freezer contributes hugely to the freezer’s longevity as well as its efficiency. The criteria for selecting the most suitable location to place your fridge include ventilation, sunlight and heat free spot. As far as ventilation is concern, choose a spot where there is adequate room or space for your fridge. Do not place your fridge immediately to a wall, if you must, make sure there is enough room between the wall and the back of your fridge. This will prevent the radiator at the back of your freezer to heat up. The same is relevant to the sunlight and heat factor, which implies that you should avoid placing your freezers in a place where there is direct sunlight. Also avoid putting your ref near heat producing appliances like oven and microwave.

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