Gas Stoves and Hot Plates – The Best Safety Checklist

Learning and practicing some safety tips for gas stoves and hot plates will prevent dangerous situations from occurring.

Expert Licensed Installation

The most important thing you can do is make sure that a fully licensed professional installs your gas stove, oven or hot plate. This will ensure that all safety standards are met and create a safer environment. Some people think they can do it themselves but when gas, fire and your home are involved, it’s a no-brainer to call in an expert samsung stove and oven repair pasadena.

Cooking with Gas Safety Tips

Always turn pot handles inward while cooking. This will prevent small children from grabbing the handles and pulling boiling food and liquids down onto themselves. Even when there are no small children present, this is a good rule of thumb to follow.
For households with very small children, consider putting up barriers to stop kids for getting near the oven. Not only will this eliminate risk of burns but also the chance of a small child turning on the gas without you realizing.
Avoid wearing loose clothing when cooking with gas stoves. Even if clothing doesn’t touch the flames, the area immediately surrounding the burner is extremely hot causing combustion very quickly.
Don’t leave metal spoons sitting inside the pots when stirring food as they can become much hotter than the pot itself.
If you get called away from the kitchen, turn off any oven top gas burners before leaving the room. If only leaving for a minute, carry the kitchen utensil you are using as a reminder that the gas is on.
Do regular checks of any hoses, pipes and fittings for signs of cracks and corrosion
Gas leaks can sometimes be very slow, and hard to find so if the smell of gas is present constantly, quickly phone a gas plumber or gas company so they can come and check for leaks. Open all windows and extinguish all flames in the building. Do not smoke and wait outside.
Grease or Cooking Oil Fires

Store an appropriate fire extinguisher in the kitchen (consult with supplier for best type)
Do not panic and turn off the gas immediately so as to stop fueling the fire
Pouring a LOT of baking soda into the burning pan helps as it quickly absorbs grease
NEVER throw water onto grease or cooking oil fires as they will flare up even more
NEVER try to carry a burning pan through the building to get outside
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